VirtualMetrix offers the following services:


1. VMX PerfMan for Android

Porting to customer devices

VirtualMetrix provides custimization and complete turn-key integration services for VMX PerfMan on your Android devices through Carrier-level Quality Assurance testing.


2. VMX Developer Tools

Android application power and performance characterization

We can monitor and profile an application considering cpu/gpu/power/thermal activity and provide customers an overview of how the application and the hardware is behaving under certain tested conditions.

We can monitor a system over a shorter/longer (days) period of time and provide a power/termal characterization.

The customer receives raw data (as collected by our tools), and monitoring reports.


Embedded hardware power characterization

We can test your hardware for different scenarios agreed with the customers, collect data and provide reports for power/thermal/system characteristics.

The customers get raw data (as collected by our tools), and monitoring reports.

We can test a broad range of embedded devices, please see the VMX EMeter device page for references.


Android mobile phone power characterization

This is similar to the use case above, and it is performed on an Android mobile phone.


Tools Customization

Based on your requirements we can enhance our tools to accomodate your needs.


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