Available for license on Android Smartphones, Tablets and other devices. VMX Smart PerfMan, Performance Manager, is a powerful solution to one of the most pressing problems with Android mobile devices, namely short battery life. More effective than user downloaded “battery saver” applications, VMX Smart PerfMan is integrated in the Android software stack by the OEM or software integrator, reducing excessive power consumption by optimizing the operation of the device's operating system with little to no impact on device performance.

Based on customer configuration, the user may select one of the 4 “Power Levels” for the device or for individual apps:

  • Smart Saving: lower power, same performance as stock.
  • Max Saving: Lowest power with slightly less performance.
  • Performance: Higer performance than stock.
  • Default: Stock operation.

The device can be configured and enabled to automatically switch to Max Saving when the battery is low, or the user can set a specific app to Max Savings when it will be used extensively–like maps-based navigating apps.  And for gaming, the user can Select Smart Savings or Performance, and decide whether to play longer or play harder!


 Nexus6 VMXSettings

VMX Smart PerfMan for Android supports legacy and the latest Android versions and SoCs.

Battery Life test VMX Smart PerfMan vs Stock Samsung Galaxy S5.

Make your Android product VMX Smart™ today!

For more information on VMX Smart PerfMan for Android please contact VirtualMetrix, Inc.

Extend Mobile Device Battery Life

VMX Smart Performance Manager significantly reduces the power consumption of Android mobile devices.

Shield Against Malware

VMX Shield AntiMalware utilizes advanced AI algorithms to detect and protect against malware including 0-day attacks.

Build Secure Energy Efficient Devices

VMX Secure Platform provides the basis for many types of secure devices with built-in VMX Smart Performance Manager.

Optimize Power and Performance

VMX Optimize Tools make a perfect power measurement and system tracing solution for all sorts of embedded devices.