Val Popescu, CEO

Val is leading the multinational team at VirtualMetrix. Prior to that, Val was the founder and CEO of Metaflow Technologies (1988-1998) which pioneered the concept of “out-of-order” and speculative execution model adopted by most high-end processor designs, including Intel’s Pentium and ARM Cortex A9. He was awarded several patents and Metaflow was credited (see Microprocessor Report, April 1999) for its groundbreaking work.

Gary Gibson, CTO

Gary is responsible for the company’s technology and product development. As co-founder and VP Engineering at Metaflow, Gary led a team of engineers to design high-end microprocessors based on SPARC and x86 standards. Following Metaflow, Gary Gibson was Director of Engineering at Mindspeed where he led teams developing network processors and software. He has been awarded several patents in the area of computer architecture, operating systems and has new patents pending.

Lower power consumption

VMX PerfMan significantly reduces the power consumption of mobile Android devices utilizing a breakthrough proprietary forward-looking control algorithms.

Support for latest Android distributions and hardware

Compatible with the latest Android version and SoCs.

Power and system monitoring solution

VMX EMeter and Xperf application make a perfect power and system measurement and monitoring solution for Android devices and for all sorts of embedded devices.

Powerful host application for system monitoring

VMX Xperf is a powerful system monitoring application that allows developers to correlate the power consumption with the Android device state.