Rich Meigh, Advisor

Presently CEO of AetherPal, Rich Meigh is a well-known veteran in the wireless industry.  He worked at Verizon Wireless and Bell Atlantic Mobile for 27 years under various roles in finance, operations and marketing.  He was the Vice President of Wireless Devices for 10 years since the formation of Verizon Wireless.  He is a graduate of Boston College.

Peter Landin, Board Advisor

Peter Landin is a private investor with over 20 years experience in the institutional investment industry. He was formerly Chairman of Pani Bekaert and Pluim Capital and Managing Director/CEO of the US and Latin America Institutional Business for Barclays Global Investors. He has served on the board or acted as an advisor for numerous companies and non-profits. His current commitments include Beaming Wellness (board) and Mstrat Inv Partners (board), Groundmetrics (advisor) and VirtualMetrix (advisor).   Peter has BA and MBA from Stanford University.

Lower power consumption

VMX PerfMan significantly reduces the power consumption of mobile Android devices utilizing a breakthrough proprietary forward-looking control algorithms.

Support for latest Android distributions and hardware

Compatible with the latest Android version and SoCs.

Power and system monitoring solution

VMX EMeter and Xperf application make a perfect power and system measurement and monitoring solution for Android devices and for all sorts of embedded devices.

Powerful host application for system monitoring

VMX Xperf is a powerful system monitoring application that allows developers to correlate the power consumption with the Android device state.