The VMX Secure Platform is based on the VMX Secure Microkernel / Hypervisor which implements a true Separation Kernel. This provides the ability to host and secure multiple independent virtual machines into isolated "Secure Domains" for which there are no channels for information flow between domains other than those explicitly configured. These secure domains isolate trusted and untrusted (such as an OS domain in which a user may download applications) operating systems into independent isolated environments. Specialized security domain(s) for eWallet, Digital Rights Management (DRM), etc., management domains, Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), and rich OS domains, such as Linux and Android can be configured.

VMX Secure is built on the VMX Smart PerfMan, Performance Manager, enabling building secure energy efficient devices.

The Platform provides the foundation for High Availability, fault tolerant systems. In addition to the isolation provided, the resource management supports the ability to both switch over and/or restart subsystems through realtime attestation of failing service level requirements or integrity validation. Rollback to a previous software checkpoint is also supported.

The Platform includes the VMX Secure RTOS, a POSIX compliant run-time environment for stand-alone and real-time applications, such as microcontrollers and modem stacks. Legacy RTOS applications can easily be ported to the POSIX real time environment.

VMX Secure is designed to protect systems against determined hacking, not just malware!

Hardened Security Features

  • Secure Boot from digitally signed boot, platform, domain and file system images.
  • Fully configurable system parameters, including immutable resource control, access control, and permissions.
  • Secure Communication and Data Storage, Data In Transit (DIT) and Data At Rest (DAR) Encryption.
  • Secure I/O subsystem(s) isolated in separate trusted Secure Domain(s).
  • Integrity Validation and Realtime Attestation.

VMX Secure RTOS Features

  • Real time POSIX compliant application environment.
  • Highly efficient running directly on VMX Secure Microkernel.
  • Supports multi-core, asymmetric and heterogeneous system architectures.

VMX Secure Platform supports Android, Linux, and VMX Secure RTOS, and a variety SoCs.

Make your Android product VMX Secure™ today!

For more information on the VMX Secure Platform for Android please contact VirtualMetrix, Inc.

Extend Mobile Device Battery Life

VMX Smart Performance Manager significantly reduces the power consumption of Android mobile devices.

Shield Against Malware

VMX Shield AntiMalware utilizes advanced AI algorithms to detect and protect against malware including 0-day attacks.

Build Secure Energy Efficient Devices

VMX Secure Platform provides the basis for many types of secure devices with built-in VMX Smart Performance Manager.

Optimize Power and Performance

VMX Optimize Tools make a perfect power measurement and system tracing solution for all sorts of embedded devices.